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Thursday, July 13, 2006


This blog is in the process of being relocated. Mama is getting downright sophisticated with this highfalutin blog business.

New blog is called Trip the Light and can be found at

You will still enjoy the same Nate-tabulousness at this new location, I assure you. It has snazzy features and I'll get something going that is pretty cool.

Why the goofy title? Well it sounds kind of magical, doesn't it?! I was pressed for time, it popped in my head, and hadn't been claimed. And there you have it.

I'm aware that the pictures aren't working at the moment and that is the only reason the grandparents have anything to do with this medium, and I assure you, Tessa and Mimi, it is a top priority.

If you hate babies my blog is probably not the place for you. And if you do hate babies, I could probably change your mind- have you seen a picture of my super cute son?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Guilty or Innocent, Evil Mastermind or Clueless Executive, I Really Don't Care...

...and I have no interest in debating it, but recently deceased Enron executive, Ken Lay, has NOTHING in common with the black gentleman named James Byrd who was brutally dragged to his death by cousin-marrying hillbillies in East Texas.


Head Butting Soccer Player Loves His Mama

What a sweet boy! A mother's fondest hope is to share a love like this with her son. She teaches him right from wrong, reads him stories at night, feigns interest in sports, and makes him feel safe and loved. He reciprocates by sending her flowers on Mother's Day, picking her up a favorite pastry for a special breakfast, and buying her a nice handbag with all that soccer dough. Oh, and also by violently assaulting an opponent during a major sporting event in front of like a trillion people.

Apparently this was in defense of dear old Ma's honor. I hope someday my little Nathan will grow up and head butt someone for me! Although he may hold some bitterness towards me since I didn't give him a cool name like "Zinedine". Or, since he's my kid, he may contend there is no honor to be defended... that smart-mouthed little stinker!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nate Takes Some Notes on Becoming a Left-Handed Pitcher

The Houston Astros played the Cardinals at home last night. It also happened to be the first baseball game Nate has attended outside of a uterus. Previous games attended include a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, and another Astros game. Steve has shown a great deal of excitement over recent left-handed tendencies, believing Nate is well on his way to baseball greatness. I, being a more of a pessimist, believe he is well on his way to just being sinister.

I am more convinced now than ever that I HATE THAT GUY!!!! Lil' Eckstein gave me fits last year in the National League championship games. And he continues to bug the crap out of me!! Even more than Pujols!

Taking care of important diaper business before the game.

Trying out our new Sutemi Pack.


Cheering for the Astros...


Look at the camera, kid!

Had to leave a little early, since the Astros started improving and fans got more excited.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Nature 1, Nurture 0?

My son’s first words were either “aquí” or “Larry”, I can’t remember which word was said first. If you aren’t from our great bilingual state, aquí is the Spanish word for “here”. Spanish, in this case, is best defined as a language we don’t speak. Ever. Unless ordering Mexican food or beverage or if on vacation in Mexico. And Larry? We don’t even know a Larry and I don’t think we watch any TV shows with Larrys… I can only conclude that mi hijo bonito was born knowing a smattering of Español and random proper names.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Uncle Anderson?

CNN's "Silver Fox", Anderson Cooper, and my Mom's Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore Uncle Sam figurine.

Nate the Patriot

Cute sweater, but too hot for the car ride home. Had to wear my "Canada" t-shirt home. Poor planning on my part!

This is Nate's first picture with his Mimi. Not the first time he's met his Mimi, just the first photographic evidence of an encounter.

Mom makes some delicious chili...

Dad outdoing me in the photography department.

Nate and Uncle Mark

Steve said Nate looks like an old man going out to get his paper in these pants!

Playing with Pa...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mama Had a Birthday, Too

Some pictures from last weekend...

Pa gives me a gooey birthday smooch...

Super yummy birthday cake...

Great Grandmamma gets in some Nate Time...

Lil' Nate snoozes through it all...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Career Options: AOL Customer Service Representative

As seen on

Accidentally Set Baby on Fire and Dropped Flaming Infant onto Metal Spike

Now that I've got your attention, let me tell you about my visit to Gymboree this week. Because you wouldn't have read a post about Gymboree. But flaming babies on spikes piques your interest nicely. In fact, I fully expect you to stop reading since you've now seen the word "Gymboree", realize this post is not the violence and gore advertised, and that you've been surreptitiously duped into reading about an innocuous visit to Baby Gym Class.

Gymboree, if you know anything at all about it, will likely conjure images of toddlers singing songs and doing cutesy hand motions. Parents who take their children to Gymboree are very well intentioned. I consider myself to be well intentioned, wanting the best for my child, wanting him to develop normally, perhaps even desiring that he will even be better than normal, dare I say, advanced.

Gymboree is offered to "students" as early as 6 weeks. The 6 weeks - 6 months class was the one for us. I stopped in the closest gym and spoke with an administrator for a good 20 minutes about the upcoming semester, dues, missed classes, etc. I would pick up Nate from his sitter at lunch, go do a trial 45 minute gym class, decide it changed our lives and enroll for the semester, and then drop him back off at sitter's and then back to work. A lengthy lunch once a week, and we would be well on the road to becoming an orthopedic surgeon/tennis prodigy/inventor of time travel.

Nate is fed and recently napped when I pick him up. I change his diaper preemptively in the back seat. He is in a good mood and ready for some hardcore baby stimulation.

During this initial consultation visit, there was no mention of socks. His lack thereof, and the requirement that I be wearing them. When I pop in for our trial class I'm briefed on the basics:

"Just baby and Mommy in the class!" (In other words, ditch the carrier/ diaper bag/ pacifier/ purse) - Perky Gymboree Lady

"Baby goes barefoot!" - Perky Gymboree Lady

"Mommy wears socks!" - Perky Gymboree Lady

(Yes, every sentence does end in "!")

"Yeah, I stopped in the other day and spoke with someone for a long time about coming for this trial class, and there was no mention of socks" - Me, eyeing my cute strappy Ralph Lauren sandals

"I sell them! Mommies always forget their socks!" - Perky Gymboree Lady

"I didn't forget, nobody told me..." - Me

"I sell them!" - Perky Gymboree Lady

"Would have been nice to know, I'd have brought socks I already own" - Me, becoming more and more aware that these socks I'm going to have to buy are not going to go with what I'm wearing

"It's ok, Mommies always forget them! I sell them! Stick them in your glove box and next time you won't forget them!" - Perky Gymboree Lady

(Sigh) "How much?" - Me

Our class was light, because it was the start of the new summer semester and it just hadn't filled up yet. There was a 4-month-old, a 6-week-old, and lil' Nater Tot (3 1/2-month-old). Their mommies were in comfy sweats and t-shirts, I am in black slacks and a silk chiffon blouse. And socks.

There is some singing, tapping on the ground, massaging baby, trying to get baby's attention with hand motions, baby slobbering on looking at himself in a big mirror during tummy time.

6-week-old, bless his adorable blank-stared little heart, had no balance or neck control and was probably very unaware he was even alive, much less that he was enjoying the first session of his $175/semester gym class. 4-month-old and Nate wanted nothing more than to look at each other the entire time. In fact, halfway through the class I turned Nate away from the teacher and towards 4-month-old to let them stare at each other to their heart's content. I'm doing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "This Little Piggy" on him trying to get him to look at me when we "Wash the spider out!", and he is just cooing and squealing at 4-month-old and 4-month-old is yelping and grinning back at Nate.

Sigh, so much for bonding between us two. He really dug looking at the other babies and at the teacher who was expressive and sweet, but he really didn't seem too aware of the activities we were doing.

The verdict is, I'm not giving up. I'm going to wait until the Fall semester and enroll us in the Music 1 class and possibly Gym 2 also. He will get more out of it at 6 months and will still love looking at other babies.

Another observation was that at this young age, Gym was very disruptive to his day. He ate and napped weird the rest of the day. For what it's worth, Gym is also really disruptive to my day. It is 100 degress in the shade and silk chiffon doesn't hold up well after an afternoon of lugging 14 lb baby in and out of the car.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Letting Myself Go

As time progresses, you let things slide with the kid. Such as not changing your infant's clothes right away after he spits up all over them. Why not let him wiggle around nude for a couple of hours until his next bottle and THEN you can throw him in a nice dry sleeper! And what about letting the diaper get a little too full. Yes, this is one full diaper you are seeing here. That delicate yellow hue you see ain't 'cause this is some fancy schmancy designer diaper with Care Bears or Big Bird, it is a good solid quart or so of high grade baby tinkle! How about not changing the sheet on the bassinet quite as quickly as you should? Yessir, this child is wallowing around on Baby Trend's plastic bassinet "mattress" with that pleasant straight-from-the-factory aroma. Don't even think I've ever wiped it down with a damp cloth! And who knows how long it's been since that pacifier was washed and steamed. That one time, maybe? And coming up with fun little games to play together? Forget it! I'll just slap some rattle socks on his feet and let him go to town! That noise I hear is most definitely the squeal of CPS's tires in my driveway!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Like father, well you know the rest...

Have you ever seen anything so sweet?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Teddy Stalks a Bird

... OR

"A Random Bird Stops to Marvel at the Sight of the Largest Cat Ever"

"Nate" The Fashion Statement

I am so loving this bag, a gift from my dear friend, Fiona!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another Birthday

Today marks Nathan's three month birthday! The time has passed so quickly...

Nate's parents have taken advantage of his good nature by dressing him in funny outfits.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Nate Shows a Strong Aptitude for Cuteness

Some pictures from this weekend... Nate has become very interested in these little toys recently.

Loving his bathtime...


Loving all the attention...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pre-Dawn, Mid-Feeding Contemplations

1) Posh Spice looks great for having had three kids...

2) "Great" = ((@PRIOR("Body") + ("Kids" * 3)) * 0) + "Bony" + "Gaunt" + "Plastic Surgery";

3) She must have had them 'naturally' because she doesn't have that little c-section paunch...

4) Shoves baby aside despite voracious sucking to admire flat tummy...

5) Catches glimpse of feet and admires pedicure...

6) Bottle becomes unsuctioned and pokes innocent, angel-faced infant in the neck...

7) Whimpering ensues.... Chastises self for being horrible Mother...

8) Mulls how to work "no wire hangers" into conversation with 3 month old...

9) How do you suppose she got those kids through those scrawny hips?

10) Feels sisterly kinship with Posh, united in paunchlessness...

11) Feels sisterly kinship with Posh, united in lack of musical ability...

12) "I'll tell you want I want, what I really really want"

13) Wonder how she met Becks...

14) Probably some brothel club...

15) Probably asked her to dinner...

16) Back when she used to eat...

"Ay there, young miss, 'ow 'bout some fish 'n chips"
"Why, thank you kindly, guv'nah. I'd fancy a spot 'o tea."
"Fine day, 'tis"
"So soccer football, then?
"Aye... Singing, then... pop music?"
"Jolly good. Got any 'air gel?"

17) Wonder if they'll try to have a girl...

18) Wonder if she's been to visit Bluebell Madonna...

19) Wonder where that whistling sound is coming from...

20) Ah, son has finished bottle and has been ingesting large quantities of air...

21) Thank him for absense of paunch with a cuddle and a kiss...

22) Burp, cuddle, change diaper, rinse, lather, repeat, cuddle, kiss, put to bed...

From this weekend...

"Happiness" = ("Nate" + "Mama") + ("Wakefulness" + "Smiles") - "Inane Musings";

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bumbo: Fun to Say, Hard to Love

I know I'm in the minority here, but I think Nate is at the pinnacle of adorableness when he is hot under the collar. The perfectly defined frown, the way he pumps his little arms and legs in protest, and the way his whole body goes stiff and he lurches backwards as if he is physically trying to remove himself from a state of discontent.

I have full confidence that he'll warm up to his new Bumbo at some point... Perhaps my color selection of "Nuclear Waste Glow Green" is too visually assaulting for his delicate baby sensibilities.

Mama's grown a little weary of all 247 shades of blue...

Babies Love Maiden

I've scouted out an appropriate onesie to meet your baby's holiday needs.

Click here to purchase this lovely garment and other crap merchandise such as the item below...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Blackmail Material

Should a sullen teenaged Nater Tot smart off, miss curfew, or otherwise displease the parentals, these pictures will be lovingly and prominently displayed on occasions when dates and friends alike are visiting.

Although Nate doesn't have an Aunt Clara, he does have an Aunt Mary who loves him very much. She purchased this ensemble for him at a snazzy baby boutique in Beaumont.

Somebody's been hitting the formula pretty hard!

We only hope this fashion trend is not perpetuated in adulthood...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Caleb vs. The Stairs

Happy McSmilington

Monday, May 29, 2006

Grandpa's Birthday: A Weekend With Aunt Kristin, Uncle Mark, Grandpa, Cousin Jordan, and Cousin Caleb

Nate shows off his smile for everyone:

Aunt Kristin loves Nater Tot:

Caleb shows fierce determination when it comes to torturing the cat:

A rare moment of calm... Note battle scars...

All of Grandpa's Boys:

Nate plays with his Mama:

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